Rules & Regulations


1.1. ETTU (European Tennis Table Union) Regulations for the Dracula Veterans International Table Tennis Championship according to the ETTU Handbook (Chapter E), ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) Laws of Table Tennis and ITTF Regulations for International Competitions (latest edition) will be applied. Players` Regulations – between Organizer and Players – to be included into the Invitation Program and on the Announcement Boards.


2.1. All individuals who are older than 40 years of age or who will be 40 years of age in the year of the DVITTC are eligible to participate.
*For special participants for every category the host will offer 10 wild cards

2.2. Upon the request of the organizers, the participants shall present their passport/ID Cards as proof of age.

2.3. Players are responsible for their physical and mental fitness to compete in the Championships. It is recommended that a routine check-up ahead of the DRACULA should be carried out by a doctor. Any necessary health and accident insurance policies must be taken out by the players themselves.

2.4. Players may use only approved and authorized equipment according to the valid list provided on the ITTF website.

2.5.  Players must accept the ITTF Racket Control Regulations (according to the ITTF Handbook) as condition of participation. In the event of a violation of these regulations, the referee will decide about any sanctions.

2.6. Each player is obliged to compete at the table and time set by the “Competition Schedule”. The player is responsible for keeping her/himself informed when and where to play. Any player who fails to appear at the scheduled time will automatically lose the match, after a 5 minute waiting period.

2.7. All players must sign the result of the score sheet after the match and both player need to sign the documents with the results before leaving the table.

2.8. During the competition players will be required to carry with them their entry numbers – said entry numbers to be attached to their sports shirt on their back whilst playing.

2.9. The player who won the match will be the referee for the next match


3.1 Categories:
40-49 years
50-59 years
60- 70 years
over 70 years

Each category will have the following events:
Men and Women Singles
Men and Women Doubles and Double Mixt

3.2. In the event of less than six players entering any one event, the ETTU has the right to cancel the said event, and we cancel the event and participants will play at the previous categories.
Example: Players of 70 categories would be moved at 60 categories if at 70 categories will have less than six players

3.3. Every entered player is allowed to participate in one singles and one doubles event.
A player must participate in her/his own age category, except in doubles. If players of a pair do not belong to the same age group, then they shall be placed in the category of the younger player.

3.4. If the doubles partner (according to the draw) is not present a new partner will be given by the organizer if possible.

3.5. A doubles pair shall not be altered if both players are present and fit to play. However, injury, illness or the absence of one player may be accepted as justification for an alteration to take place, but only before the announced “deadline”.

3.6. All entries in singles and doubles will be published on the organizers’ website immediately after the deadline. The groups will be announce in time. No alterations or new entries will be accepted after deadline. We will come with further informations about this.

3.7. A player entering a doubles event without a doubles partner (partner wanted) must accept any doubles partner assigned to him by the organizers.

3.8. Doubles pairs which are confirmed from both players or which are combined by the organizers may not be altered by a player (such a pairing may only be changed if one of its players has cancelled her/his participation in the competition).

3.9. A list of pairs entered in the doubles event – confirmed by both players – will be published on the internet in time.

3.10. A second list of players who have entered in the doubles event under the following:
Players not having a partner (partner wanted)
Players not having confirmed this pairing (half open doubles)
Will be published in time