CASA SECIU – Festive Dinner

CasaSeciu – Festive Dinner Sunday 1st September – Price: 50 euro/perso

Casa Seciu, built around 1970 on the site of a mansion, which belonged to the nobleman Ratiu, following the project of architect Ion Bocianu drawn in 1965, combines Romanian traditional style of a boyar cula (i.e. a kind of fortified building that was sheltering richer families in the XVII century), with modernist style.

Tourist Complex “Casa Seciu” has an impressive gourmet offer, dishes sprinkled with “misleading potions” from ValeaCălugăreascăregion and beyond.

The restaurant, with a capacity of 400 seats (but expandable to 600 seats), is divided into four wards: hunter- fisherman, national, classic and ambassador.

The traditional Romanian dishes, with veal/rams beam, pork/fish dishes, venison dishes: bear, deer, wild boar, rabbit, pheasant; some Văleniregion plumbrandy can be enjoyed around the campfire, in an atmosphere of good humor and cheerfulness.